We offer Self Bathe as well. We supply just about everything but the dog or cat. We have waterproof aprons, raised convenient tubs, brushes and combs, blow dryers, cage dryers, towels, ear cleaner, cotton, Q-tips and shampoo. You are welcome to bring your own special shampoo and clippers if needed.

Self Service Dog Wash Prices

Small Dogs (Up To 20 Lbs.) – $8.00
Medium Dogs (21-45 Lbs.) – $12.00
Large Dogs (46-75 Lbs.) – $16.00
X-Large Dogs (76-100 Lbs.) – $20.00
XX-Large Dogs (Over 100 Lbs.) – $25.00

Nail Clipping (Includes Dremmelling.) – $5.00

Shampoo, towels, dryers, aprons, and brushes provided.

Speciality shampoos and/or conditioner – $2.00 extra.