Deluxe Rooms

(5x7 with outdoor run) 1 dog - $/day
Additional dog(s) @ $/day


(7x10 with outdoor run) up to 2 dogs - $/day
Additional dog(s) @ $/day

Deluxe Suite

(7x15 with outdoor run) up to 3 dogs - $/day
Additional dog(s) @ $/day


Most pets are sensitive to a change in diet. We believe the fewer changes, the better. We recommend bringing the same food that your pet is used to eating at home. We are happy to prepare your pet's meals exactly the way you do. It is recommended that your kibble is measured and put in baggies for each meal, with a few extras, in the case your trip is delayed. Any dietary supplements or additions should also be supplied. Please bring all medications and supplements in their original bottles. Do not put in pet's food. We use all stainless steel bowls for food and water, so it is not necessary to bring food or water bowls.

Bedding, Treats & Toys

Being away from home is always stressful. We recommend that you bring your pet's personal bedding or something that they can identify with. Please don't bring any extra large bedding items and limit the amount of bedding you bring as we do not have commercial washing machines if the bedding were to get soiled. If you do forget your own bedding, we have extra blankets and beds. We also have cot rentals available. Toys are allowed as well as treats. We encourage safe chew toys. Please limit the number of toys to one or two as many of our guests like to share their toys and it becomes hard for us to keep track. If you forget your bone or chew toy, our store has a nice selection of chew bones and toys for purchase that are all safe to have in their rooms. For the safety of your pets, please, no rawhide.

Vaccinations required: Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella.
We are not requiring the Canine Influenza vaccine at this time, but we recommend that you consult with your veterinarian for a professional recommendation on all vaccines for your individual pet.

All dogs should be on flea and tick preventative.

We use all stainless steel bowls for feeding and water, so bowls are not needed.


  • Extra outings (This is an extra potty break in the turnout yard) - $
  • Personal playtime (with a fun loving staff member or compatible dogs) - $
  • Daycare while boarding (guest will be evaluated and put in proper group) - $
    Each additional dog - $
  • Leash walk (lots of sniffing time) - $
  • TLC Time (recommended older or the non-active dog) - Includes, hugs, brushing and petting - $
  • Training session while boarding - $
    (minimum 20 minute session with the trainer)
  • Medication (no charge for up to 2 medications if given at mealtime) - $ per dose for each addition medication or timed medication (not given at mealtime)
    Please bring all medications and supplements in their original bottles. Do not put in pet's food.
  • Injections (per shot) - $
  • Cot rentals - S/M/L $, XL $ per day