Tiny Town (Home of the Pampered Pets)

This is a specially designed building for our smaller guests. Tiny town is a fully supervised open boarding environment, so your pet must play well with others. From the time everyone gets up in the morning until bedtime, our little guests have access to an open room as well as several outdoor yards. Two of these yards are completely covered for protection from the sun and rain. There are small chairs, tables and play structures for their enjoyment. All guests are fed their own food and we can cater to any special diets or feeding schedules. At bedtime each guest is assigned to their own sleeping room with their own bedding. If your pet sleeps in a crate at home, be sure to bring it so they will feel at home with us. Bedding will be provided if you opt not bring your own. Nap time is an option, so if you feel your pet would benefit from a nap, be sure to request one. Classical music is turned on at bedtime each night. Snacks are by request only, so if your pet is used to a bed time snack be sure to pack them along with their food. If your little dog enjoys the company of others, this is a popular alternative to the traditional boarding option.

Tiny Town Daily Rate

$ for one dog and $ for each additional dog in the same family sharing the same sleeping room.